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Individual Tuition

  • Available Courses
    Aviation English, Business Classes, Cabin Crew English, Contractual English, Finance and Banking English, Fluency Classes, Human Resources English, Individual Training, Industrial English, Legal English, Maritime English, Technical English

Group & Individual Courses

  • Focusing on Skills
    Speaking, listening, reading and writing, giving you the confidence to communicate effectively in real-life situations
  • Subjects Covered
    Essential grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, idoms and colloquial language


  • Location
    Same Premises
  • Breakfast Included
  • Panoramic Views
  • Room Tyes
    Single/ Double

What people say about Seal.

Maximilian Sperl

Amazing courses! All-in-one, easy to learn, beautiful school, and really not hard to understand. Highly recommended for any kind of learning English.

Dorota Witych

Probably the next number one English language school in Gozo. Very well structured courses, lessons are regular and consistent, support always available. Well done!

Fredrich Sperl

This is one of the next level School with courses that totally worth their value. I appreciate the work done by the Teachers and can't wait for the next course.

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